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Peeps Peek-A-Boo Photography works with some of the most talented local professionals to create wonderful boudoir photography Las Vegas women will love. Our goal is to have you feel more beautiful than you ever imagined possible. Our amazing team love their work and love people too. They're dedicated to showcasing your beauty.
Peeps professional photographer.
Samantha Sincaban
master stylist/sfx makeup costume specialist & modeling coach
the seasoned beauty artist

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Peeps Peek-A-Boo Photography specializes in making women look and feel their most vibrant, sensual and sexual by creating amazing and wonderful images.

glamour portraits Dressed up and made up to look like a Hollywood star or a famous model, these photos will make you feel like a million dollars.
nude photo shoots Either tasteful and discrete or as naughty as you like. Our goal is to show your body at its most beautiful and sensual.
lingerie & makeover A wonderful gift for you or your lover. A complete makeover (hair and makeup) and you in your sexiest lingerie.
perfect portrait If you're looking for something safe for work that also shows off your best side with charm, this choice is for you.

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We know intimate photography is a lot more than taking risque photos. It's a matter of style and class. Its about using the right amount of light and dark, textures and skin tones and of course love and sensuality. When you trust yourself with Peeps Peek-A-Boo Photography, we want you to fell like you've made the best choice to showcase your beauty and your body. We want you to be proud to say " This is Me!

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